9 Places to Stockpile Your Bucket List Goals On Paper, Online & On Your Phone

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Journal Your List

Keep Your Bucket List Online

On Your Phone


Where you keep your bucket list may be just as, if not more, important than how to build it. Whether it be a journal, website or app, you need to find one that not only is going to store your list of goals and accomplishments, but also keep you on track to checking items off of your list.




Journal Your List

Law of Attraction Planner

(Available at and Amazon)

Old fashioned gals like me love the feeling of pen to paper, so I have copies of my bucket list in a number of places (notebooks, journals, etc.); however, the place I look at it most often is in my Law of Attraction planner. If crushing your bucket list is your number one priority, the Law of Attraction planner helps you set yearly, monthly and weekly goals that will help you check items off your list much sooner than if you were just winging it. For instance, the first 30 pages of the planner are there to get your mind and priorities right, including everything from daily affirmations to mind maps to a vision board. Fun fact for the travelers: there is a map of the world at the end of the journal where you can keep a list of the top 20 places you would like to visit.

This product has helped me not only reach my weight loss and fitness goals, but also helped me start my own side hustle and focus on my mental health more than I ever have.


I will likely be featuring a post JUST about this planner. It has been a GAME CHANGER for me, my brother and his GF. Stay tuned… (For now, check out the video below to see a bit about the planner’s set-up. Keep in mind this leaves out a lot of the features).



Axel & Ash My BucketList Journal

(Available on Amazon)

Still want pen and paper, but are more visually inclined? This beautifully bound journal is certainly the way to go. There is step-by-step guidance on how to not only organize your list, but also reflect on your experiences makes this a win in my book. Axel & Ash have done all the thinking for you, so the journal prompts you EVERY step of the way. The motivational photos and quotes throughout are also a mood booster! Added bonus: the journal is so nicely bound that it can work double-duty as a conversation starter if you keep it out on your coffee table.

See shots of the inside of the journal here on the Axel & Ash site.


bucket list online
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Keep Your Bucket List Online


I have yet to find a site that I 100 percent love for tracking the completed items on my bucket list, but BucketListly comes pretty close. I had issues setting up the account on two separate occasions because of a CAPTCHA glitch, but if you can overcome that minor obstacle, the site is a great place for sorting through your bucket list items, finding other items to add to your list that you may have forgotten, and seeing what others on the site have accomplished. There is also a discussion board section where you can connect with others. #bucketlistBFFLs

If BucketListly doesn’t tickle your fancy (and it is OK if it doesn’t!), then why not build something yourself? I know the thought may sound intimidating if you’re not tech savvy, but TRUST ME, is so incredibly simple. It’s as easy as signing up and creating an account, picking a template and beginning to build your site. Keep it simple with something blog style; that way, as you check items off your list, you can create new posts to share with friends.


Here are some sample posts that are simple and get the job done:


I personally like templates that are more visual. Here is a screenshot of a site I built to track my daughter’s firsts, but you could easily make each post about an item on your bucket list and update them as you accomplish goals. (The site is private, hence no link…. Sorry!)


bucket list online



On Social Media

This one could be the most rewarding option if you’re willing to put yourself out there, but how exactly do you go about keeping and tracking your bucket list goals on social media? Here are some ideas:


1) Create a Facebook group or join an existing one. There are a ton of Facebook groups out there full of people talking about their bucket list goals. Finding one is as simple as searching “bucket list” on Facebook. Here are two of my favorites to get you started:

With a group of people to motivate you, you can always ask for tips, tricks and advice to fly through your bucket list in no time. Above all, they’ll also keep you accountable if you set goals and don’t meet them. If you decide to create a group, ask friends and family to join who you know will keep you motivated, as well as bring a positive vibe. Negative Nancy’s are not welcome.


2) Keep a Facebook photo album, Instagram account or Pinterest board for your list. Either one of these options is like keeping a virtual vision board of sorts that you can visit daily to keep you on track. The practice of visualization is key to making your goals materialize. Think that’s BS? Surprisingly, Psychology Today quoted a study on weightlifters that showed that actual weightlifting and imagining to weightlifting activated similar parts of the brain. Visualization works, science says so… JUST DO IT.

Sample Pinterest board

Sample Instagram account




In an App


Again, there is no one app that has really won me over for keeping my bucket list, but if you are dead set on using your phone, iWish is useful. The app is loaded with features, most of which require you to upgrade to Pro for $3.99, but upgrading allows you to:

  • Track your bucket list and reverse bucket list items
  • Search for ideas
  • Create collages and slideshows as a sort of visualization board
  • Build to-do lists you can prioritize


Where do you think you’ll keep your bucket list? If it’s online, drop me a line at for a chance to be featured!


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